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Only fire event once


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I have a group of 3 tags (DR_CREDIT_TIER_CHANGED, DR_PAYMENT_TERM_CHANGED, DR_DOWN_PAYMENT_CHANGED). The first time that one of those tags is fired in a session, I want the event to be event2. Any time that any of those tags are fired after the first time, I want the event field to be empty (see screenshot). Is this possible in Adobe Launch?

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@nhunt3 For implementing this you can try by creating 2 rules which will run on click of that link and in one those rule you can apply condition by using Custom Code editor that if link name is 'DR_CREDIT_TIER_CHANGED' Then in Set Variables you can pass event2. Similarly in another rule you can apply same condition if link name is 'DR_PAYMENT_TERM_CHANGED' OR 'DR_DOWN_PAYMENT_CHANGED' than you need not pass the event2 in event list.


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Since you're sending Custom Links, you can also remove the unneeded events from s.linkTrackEvents. So your s.events string can stay as-is, but your s.linkTrackEvents contains only those events that you really want to track with your Custom Links.