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Group Bookmarks & Dashboards by Business Projects i.e. in same folders


Level 10


Currently: There is no ability to organize our work at a Business level, grouping Reports & Dashboards together, cascading sub folders, etc.  What we have is only one level of Reports per Bookmarks Folder, and for Dashboards not even that is available.


  1. Allow us to organize Dashboards like Bookmarks using Folders
  2. Allow Cascading Folders beyond just the current single level
  3. Store Dashboards & Reports (and other tools) together in the same Cascading Folders i.e. organize work at a Business level - Especially given not all reports can be added to a dashboards (See Also  IDEA: Add any Site Catalyst Report to Dashboards)
  4. Let us Share these Business Folders & contents with other users vs. just specific Dashboard & Reports
  5. 14's horizontal bar at top for our links is a space limited design when it already has Dashboards, Shared Dashboards, My Targets and My Calc Metrics items on it before we start organizing Reports. 13 and priors cascading menu style on the left bar made more sense and readily grows for any users needs. Space will be even more of an issue if/when we can start organizing reports from other tools as well e.g. Test & Target, Search, etc. (See Also IDEA: Site Catalyst and Test & Target reportlets on same Dashboards)


Level 10


Also on my list. We have a large number of dashboards created administratively and shared . We would like to be able to organize those in folders and sub-folders so it makes sense to the business user. 


It would also makes sense (in addition) to view the entire list alphabetically rather than by whatever secret order they appear in now.


Level 3


the ability to add a folder to dashboards would be very helpful. this feature is in the bookmarks section, just not the dashboards.


Level 2


This is a must for our business. The more we use dashboards, the more people love them, the more dashboards we create... the longer & more unmanageable that one flat list of dashboards becomes.


Level 4


I cannot believe I cannot put dashboards into folders. This should be basic functionality. Product people-- take a break from the bells & whistles and get back to basics!


Employee Advisor


Bookmarks now have folders, and workspace projects allow tagging, which are more robust and flexible for organizing in large amounts.