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Ability to favourite/pin report suites in panel dropdowns


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Description - When an organization has a large amount of report suites, it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct one to work in. In order to make it easier to find report suites (especially if you typically rotate through a few different ones), have the ability to either mark them as a favourite or pin them to the top of the list. 


Why is this feature important to you -

This is important because if you have a large number of analysts that do reporting, making sure that they are able to find the correct report suite for reporting is essential to pulling the correct data. If your organization has multiple report suites with very similar names, it's easy to pick the wrong one, and that can lead to providing the wrong numbers. Being able to have users pin/favourite report suites once can make it easier for future reports to find them again, especially if they're switching through a few different ones.


How would you like the feature to work -

When you click the drop down in the top right of a panel in workspace, have the ability to select a report suite and mark it as a favourite or pin it to the top of the list (similar with what you can do with projects on the landing page). Then the next time you open a report suite selector drop down, the pinned/favourited report suites appear at the top of the list.


Current Behaviour - 

Currently there is no ability to mark report suites as favourites or to pin them, and to find a report suite you have to use the search function or scroll through the list.