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Marketing Channel Rule for Natural Search


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In the Marketing Channel auto-setup, the 2nd rule is Natural Search. It is configured to be based on "Natural Search detection".

The problem is there is no Natural Search detection configured in Adobe Analytics.

If the assumption is that anything not qualified as Paid is by default Natural, then placing this rule in the 2nd spot means everything not Paid will fall into this Channel, which would be incorrect.

Can someone please clarify?

If my understanding above is correct, I either need to find a way to configure Natural Search, or move this rule to the very end to allow capture of other channels (email, display, affiliates, etc.).

Thank you


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you can setup natural search detection in the admin interface. Maybe this forum thread helps you: Add Paid/Natural Search to Marketing Channel Report?


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Thank you, but this is not what I see in the Admin interface, there is only Paid Search Detection, there is no Natural Search detection.

Also, in the link you provided shows exactly what I was referring to - that the second rule refers to Natural Search detection, which, alas, does not exist (not explicitly anyway).


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Never mind, found this:

"A natural search occurs when visitors find your website through a Web search, where the search engine ranked

your site without you paying for the listing.You can control the destination URL the search engine uses to link to

your site. This URL allows Analytics to identify whether a search is natural.

There is no natural search detection in Analytics. After you set up Paid Search Detection, the system knows that if

a search referrer was not a paid search referrer, it must be a natural search referrer. For a natural search, the

destination URL does not match the existing paid search detection rule for that search engine."