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Override last touch channel value - CJA


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Is there a way to configure override last touch value in CJA similar to that of adobe analytics ?


How does the last touch channel attribution work for below use case?


Marketing channel derived field:

- if utm source equals “email” then “email”

if referrer contains “facebook/instagram” then “social”

- if referrer contains “abc.com” then “Internal”

- otherwise set value to “direct”


use case: new user visit home page website via email(utm_source) -> user navigates to product  page -> add to cart page -> checkout page(purchase)


What would be the last channel attribution for the purchase? Email? Direct?


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I don't have CJA so I am not sure I am fully able to support this... 


I did find this article about Marketing Channel and some differences between CJA and AA:



I do believe that the attribution is calculated in CJA at run-time, as opposed to being pre-set in AA.



Part of this article indicates that there is no way in CJA to deselect the "Override Last-Touch Channel".. so for items like Direct and Internal, it suggests removing those channels completely? I guess you would then rename the "No Value" in your dimension to be "direct" since nothing is explicitly set any longer...   and there is no longer the concept of "internal"??


Now, normally, Internal would have the qualifier of "is first page of visit", which also apparently no longer exists...  

Since Adobe explicitly calls out both Direct and Internal in this article, and given some of the normal qualifiers no longer exist, I think in your current scenario that "internal" is likely to get the attribution.. unless you have found a workaround for identifying that without the "first page" logic... and your internal is likely to be stealing a lot of attribution... 


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I have a blog post regarding CJA marketing channels that is in review.  Hopefully I'll be able to publish it soon.


In your example, last touch channel should be Email.   

In your derived field, make sure you set any hits that don't meet any rules to No value.  Once you pull in your derived field into the component, you can change the No value to - Direct / Session Refresh.  Be sure that you have the 2nd radio button selected.  (If you select the 3rd radio button, you'd likely see Direct as the Last Touch.)