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Users who have logged time to a portfolio


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Hi WF Community,

Wondering if the following is possible within a report:

  • A report that shows me all users who have logged hours to each of our portfolios
  • The users would be grouped together in a column, separated by commas (like a collection)
  • I want to include custom fields from the program object

See attached screenshot for an example.  




Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 10.17.37 AM.png



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Hi there, on first thought I'm thinking you need an hour report, but I'm not easily finding a way to have all people who logged time in a column together. You could have an hour report grouped by portfolio name and then by owner, would would show you who is tracking time to the portfolio but also how much (if you summarize this grouping). Not seeing I'm able to pull program custom fields as columns in an hour report though but you may be able to with text mode. If you start with this hour report and two groupings it may prompt some ideas!