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Reporting: getting filters to persist from Details tab to chart


Level 6
Hi. We have users who would like to 1) run a report 2) go to Details tab & apply a custom filter we've created for them 3) go to Chart tab and see the chart showing just the filtered data Is this possible? It seems not from our usage. Alternatively, is there a way we could allow them to select a Custom Filter from Filter Prompt before running the report? Requirement/Use case demonstrating the above: We have a custom project field with options A, B, C, D, E. Our Custom Filter "A" omits D & E from results. Custom Filter "B" omits A, B, C from results. Ideally our users want to run reports such that they can take initially report on the whole set of data and then toggle between Chart views filtered by Custom Filters "A" & "B". Is this possible? Any ideas to do this in a single report would be super helpful. Thank you! M.L. M.L. de la Rosa Genentech
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Level 10
Hi M.L. So 1 & 2 definitely possible. #3 the chart will use the original filter of the report so they won't be able to change that. But yes you can use the Prompt to achieve what you want. Alternatively there are a couple of other options. Maybe use a Grouping instead of Filters. Group by the A, B, C, D field. They'll see all projects, but can collapse and expand at will to see what they want. Maybe use a Dashboard and have a report filtered on each combination you want. I'm not a big fan of #2 as it creates multiples of the same report, but it's an option. The Prompt can work if your users know what they're doing with the prompt. The Grouping might be easier if they're not WF savvy. Hope that helps.