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Report with Aggregate Status Updates


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Hello, I need to create a report for users to input twice monthly status updates on their projects. They want to be able to see all status updates in the view so the leader can see progress from update to update and they want a date with each update. They don't want to have to go into the projects to make these updates but want to do them all from the report. I am a little lost on how to create this. Appreciate any insight / or sharing of something similar. Thanks!! Lisa Lisa Ramsden Enabling Solutions

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I think you need a report with inline-editable fields. They are plenty of built-in fields that will populate the "last note text" and "last note update date," but those come from updates on a project. You could play with adding custom fields into your database for this and then add them as columns on your report. Most custom fields are inline-editable in reports. One solution we have is a "Project Manager Only" custom project form that is attached to all of our templates. They are not request forms, and are not visible to requestors when submitting a request. They appear on the project when converted. On this form we have a free type field called "Project Manager Update." Projects managers update this field on Fridays. Susie Lage Western Digital Corporation


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Hi - unfortunately if you want to be able to see all the status updates, they will need to use the Updates in a project. Custom fields do not have "version history". You can select an option for changes to appear in the update stream but they are not reportable. While yes, that would be nice to have, I also don't know if I'd trust my PMs are giving me all the right info. Like our PM updates are like "We are waiting for this task to complete and compared to the baseline we have 3 days of slippage right now. We are hoping to make that up during round 2." How would they know that without looking at the project schedule? With that said, if they don't want to click into the project, they can select the checkbox next to the project on the report and hit edit. In the pop-up there is a "Comment" on the left and that lets them leave an update. And if they have the same update on several projects, the can bulk edit them to do as well. ;) Anthony Imgrund FCB


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Hi, there, I am not sure whether this helps but I do use the "Quick Note" inline editable field such as what Susie is referring to for my personal notes entered on the fly.

You can track that custom field in the update feed, however, note that the text entered to that field will appear in a "System Update" the same as any other custom form field that is tracked - meaning it will be hidden when you turn off the "Show System Update" visibility in the update feed.

I also provide a "Project Notes" report of grouped by project. It filters notes for each project entered in the last 2 weeks all displayed in nice project groupings.