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OOO Message When Tagging in Updates


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It would be great if there was some kind of notification if you tag someone in an update and they are out of office.  It would great if that notification allowed you to have a message attached letting the person know who they should tag in your absence.

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I don't know about others, but I always change my name when I'm OOO for some length of time, e.g. last month my name was "Skye Hansen PTO 10/13-11/11"


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@LisaMi4 some of our users do what Skye says above, it's a good trick, of course they just need to change their profile when they're back. I've seen people go a step further and put in their profile name who to tag instead too, like 'Madalyn Destafney (as first name) OOO 11.22 - tag Skye as backup' (as last name).

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Great idea. Do you know if this works with SSO (single sign on)?