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Logging Hours to Projects using the "Hours" Tab


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Hi all,


Hopefully this is a quick one...


I have admin rights and I'm able to log hours directly to projects by going into the Project, clicking the "Hours" Tab on the LHS. I can then see a small Icon "+ Log Time".


However, my team do not have this feature enabled. What setting do I need to change to enable them to be able to do this?


I've had a look in the "Timesheets and Hours" tab under WF Settings but I'm not sure which option would need to be changed.





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Regarding your first comment, a user must have administrative access to be able to log time for projects, tasks, and issues in the Hours section. There's more information about that in the "Project, task, or issue - Hours Section" on this page: Documentation > Workfront > Workfront Guide > Log time.

If you just need your users to be able to log time at the Project-Level (within Timesheets), two things must happen:

1. In Setup > Timesheets & Hours > Preferences, you must have "Directly on projects" selected in the "Where users can log time" section.

2. The person/role/team/group needs to have the access "Contribute - Log Hours" turned on for the project (when you select the "Share" button for a project). You can also set this at the template level.

Contribute - Log Hours menu in the Share settingsContribute - Log Hours menu in the Share settings


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and to build on previous response:
- "Hours" tab should be enabled in layout template for the group of users who are expected to log hours there