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Limiting who can be tagged on an update


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Hi WF Community,

We have a situation where external client contacts from Client A have accidentally been tagged on an update for Client B.

We're wondering if there's a solution to prevent the ability to tag users in an update if they don't belong to the project's portfolio, or something to that effect?

I read here, under Directed Update to User, that "The email notification is sent only if the user has access rights to the object". You would think that in my above scenario that Client A contacts wouldn't even be taggable. However, I also read here that "Users included in the update are automatically granted View permission to the object". Seems a little conflicting, and my guess is that the latter supersedes the former.

Any ideas are appreciated.




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Hi Nick,

In the access level settings, you can apply restrictions on which users can be seen in the system based on the group or company that a user belongs to.

It depends on how you have set up Client A and B in your instance, but if they are set up under different companies you could set additional restrictions so that Client A can only see people from their company and the primary company (assuming that's your company) which would prevent them from seeing users from Client B's company . . . If that makes sense


The article here on Workfront One goes into more detail about modifying access levels.

Best Regards,