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Leap Session Q&A - Expanding Your Workfront Universe


Level 10

@Katherine Haven‚ and I hoped you all enjoyed our session Custom Solutions FCB Has Implemented. We want to let you know that if you have any questions about anything we shared in our session, we are more than happy to answer them in this thread. So comment below and we'll get back to you shortly! 😎



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You guys have so many great integrations! I have a couple of questions for you.

1) At what point did you guys decide you needed to build all of these integrations? From the way I was understanding it, several of them (especially the hours) are tied together. I know you've been using Workfront for several years, did you start with all of these integrations right away? I assume it was over time, but I'm just curious if there was one you would suggest to start with for another agency in your shoes.

2) As a system admin, do you feel like you need to know how the development was done (i.e be a developer)? Or do you just work closely with the developer as it gets built so you can just understand how it comes in to Workfront on your side?

3) You shared some incredible stats of the results of these integrations! What's the statistics that YOU are each the most proud of?


Level 10

1) They evolved over time - we started with the Master Data integration, then realized we needed PvA reports soon after launching WF, then over time developed the others (like the Send Plan Hours to SAP Estimate, and Timesheet and FTO integrations).

2) I think as an SA, its helpful to have a high level understanding of how its working but you don't need to be a coder!! We work closely with the developer, write and hand over the requirements, let them build it, then we step back in to test it.

3) Hmmmm - that's a tough one!! Its nice to see all the hours of work we are saving our users. I have to say, we were impressed with ourselves once we did all the calculations 🙂


Level 10

For #2 - While I agree you don't need to know the coding, my developer was very grateful that I understood the hierarchy of Workfront objects and was able to use the API explorer to get him the right object type codes and technical field names, That way he only needed to figure out his code without having to spend a bunch of time learning Workfront as well.

I'm also a firm believer in understanding the API Explorer tool just because it is very helpful when doing reports in Workfront not only for text mode, but also just so you understand how to get from one piece of info to another.


Level 5

You mentioned taking a phased roll out approach to Workfront Experience.

  • What aspects of your instance's set up required the most adjustments?
  • Did you recreate your training materials and wiki before rolling out to all superusers?
  • How much heads up did you give the superusers before their Workfront Experience rollout?
  • How much heads up for the others? What's the Goldilocks window?


Level 10

Hi Tammie!

For us, it was the layout templates that required the most adjustments. We found you really can't just take what you had setup in Classic and have it work in NWE. Also, with the ability to make things personal in the interface, some of them we didn't need (like that one layout template for that executive that has all the dashboards as tabs for them).

We did redo our Wiki pages for training but what we did is add the NWE information to the bottom of each page. So there is a Classic and NWE on each page. The idea being that in October, we can go in and remove the Classic stuff.

Our SuperUsers had a huge heads up just because FCB was part of the Alpha and Beta testing and we needed to get their feedback on certain things to Product. The main push for the SuperUsers was so that we could then move the New Hires over. Since the local Super Users do the initial training, we wanted to make sure they new the new interface. And we didn't think it was fair for new hires to learn one interface just to have it change in a few months.

We have sent communications to everyone that there is going to be a new interface. We also created an "Interface Overview" page on our Wiki with a video and info about Navigations changes and some other major differences to help with the initial shock of changing. So we send that link around every once in awhile and then tell them if they are interested in trying it out, let us know so we can switch them over.

I'll also be working with agencies to move departments or client teams over throughout the summer. Or goal is to have everyone in NWE by the beginning of October. We want everyone to start getting comfortable and not needing Classic before any date Workfront gives. (Also, I heard a rumor that after 20.3, some enhancements will be NWE only and I don't want my users missing out).


Level 5

@Anthony Imgrund‚

Thank you for answering and sharing your experience with us.

Very useful as usual!


Level 7

Hi @Anthony Imgrund‚ and @Katherine Haven‚,

I just watched your presentation. All very useful integrations that you've put into place and I love that you've quantified each with some stats.

it was mentioned that the download file would have additional slides not shown during the presentation, however, I don't believe that's the case. I saw 30 and only 30 downloaded for me. Would one of you mind posting the full slide deck here for us?

Also, I'm interested to know how your users responded to the move to the NWE UI. Do you have any specific feedback you can share? Also, what method do you use to train users? The WF video's or do you create your own in-house video's or slide decks?

Thanks so much for sharing all of this and Great Job!



Level 10

Thank you for pointing that out, Teale!

As for NWE, we did create a generic "interface overview" video that we have shared with users to see who wants to come over to the NWE voluntarily. Kathy also went through all the pages in the wiki and divided them up in Classic and NWE so people can see the differences in screenshots and steps written out as well.

I have been asked by some teams to do a separate video for them that is specific to how they use it. This is usually shared services teams or unique roles that are a little different than the average "here are your tasks" or "how to update a project schedule."

I have also offered to do live training sessions with groups via Teams so they can ask questions directly in the tool.

For us, the biggest help was moving the New Hires over right away. Since we started doing that in May, more and more people are comfortable switching over as they see the new hires are handling it just fine. We have also lied a little and said they need to be switched over by October 5th and if they do it now, we'll allow them to go back to Classic if they get busy or frustrated. (So far only a handful have needed to do that).

Hope that helps.

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