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Is there a way to have a project only show up once in a report for a user, in the chart view?


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I've created an assignment report to show how many projects each designer has. Many of our projects, designers are only assigned to one task and this varies from project to project, there we are unable to use Project owner, or a specific task name, as a filter to help collect this. 


I decided to use a assignment report after as I saw a recommendation online. The only thing is that this shows all tasks within a project, therefore the project will show up multiple times on said designers list. 


i.e they are assigned to 14 tasks, therefore this project shows up 14 times. Therefore the column chart is showing way more projects then the designer actually has. 


Wondering if there is a filter or way to stop this from happening so the count is more accurate. Thank you:) 

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You can add a filter that will only show items that the person logged in is assigned to by using the USER.ID wildcard.


Assignment >> Assigned to ID equal $$USER.ID


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Thanks, but the reports are for a team lead to track their design teams. It would need to show everyone on their team. 



Hi @JeanneneRu,


As Designed, Workfront charts “count” the data found, which in this case is more than what you want (a unique Project count) because of the 1 to many relationship of the Tasks (which in turn have a 1 to many relationship to the Assignees; but since a User can only be assigned once per task is effectively 1 to 1 per user).

If you created, maintained, attached, and populated a custom dropdown of all of the “Official Designer” users on a custom form attached to every Project of interest, that would then create the 1 to 1 relationship that a Workfront Project report would then need to count and chart each Official Designer once. But that is extra work to set up, redundant to maintain, and fragile, in that it could become mismatched with the “real” Assignments.


With that all in mind, I invite you to instead consider this post, which although not quite what you are after might suffice (without needing the Official Designer crutch).