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How can I get an alert when a new user logs in?


Level 10

We have SSO and if a new user gets the link and logs in, I never know about it until I go poking around the User area. Is there a way for an Admin to get an alert that a new user has logged in?


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Level 3

An alert/notification would be great. I created a report that shows a line graph of users grouped by entry date. I check this every day; but an alert/notification would be better.


Level 9

We auto-provision our users with SSO and assign them a dummy group in the system. If you attempt to log in (without an account already being set up), you are automatically set up as a Reviewer and set into a group we named "AA - New User" as your home group. We then have a report sent automatically to our admin team twice daily, listing anyone who is in that group. That prompts us to edit their account, set it up properly and ultimately remove them from that group.

The report is sent as an HTML email and sends an email saying the list is empty if there are no users in the group.



Galen has the right process there.

I have another client that I support that has a very intricate integration that checks when a user logs in and sends an alert to their security team for new users if they are manually created in the system versus auto-provisioned. There's lots of things you can do via the API, assuming you know, or have someone that knows how to really use the API, has a sever that can run cron jobs every (x) minutes.

For simplicity sake though, a user report with Entry Date of $$TODAY or $$TODAY-1d, set to email out daily, may be sufficient.


Level 10

Thanks for these answers. We have new users very occasionally so a daily report is a bit much. Also I do look at the User information to see if anybody stands out but I forget to do it, because it's so occasional. An alert would be better!! (I'll look through the wishlist to see if I find something like this to promote)