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Does anyone have a workaround for utilizing a reviewer license for an ad hoc worker?


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Our organization is currently in the process of integrating the system throughout our organization. We've come to realize that some of the identified workers on current projects will not be long term users in the system, therefore, do not want to allocate a worker license. Understood we can still enter the user as a Reviewer to be a place holder, and to review the task. They just cannot mark complete, or receive email notifications. My question is this - what has been effective to "project manage" these users? One thought the team had, was to utilize a license to some of the EA's and have them assist marking tasks complete and logging actual hours worked so we can continue to get projects completed in a timely and efficient manner for the time being.

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This workaround relies on setting up a project specifically for items that will be assigned to these users.

To enable users with request and review licenses to assign and update the status of issues (i.e. work on them) it is important to configure sharing settings that will grant this access to them as new issues are created.

In Project Actions > Sharing the [Team/Group/Users] is added and granted contribute access along with access to add issues, add tasks, make assignments, and share.

In Edit Project > Access users assigned to issues and users submitting requests are granted contribute access to the issue or request along with the advanced access of change status, edit custom form, make assignments, and share.

I think that's all that is needed. Since reviewers/requesters don't have the option of having any kind of My Work tab and can't get notifications related to assignments you will need to supplement the above with reports and scheduled sends. But the sharing/access is what really enables it.


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We use review accounts for our part-time interns (they stay a whole year with us, so they get to know what we do well). We have created a report for them to see all tasks assigned to them across all projects and a dashboard for us to monitor the updates, status, and volume of their tasks. We have a single plan account that they all use to make updates, changes, etc. and they sign their name when they are making updates. We can still track who is doing what because the tasks are assigned to their review accounts.


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Our workaround utilizes updates. When the reviewer has completed the work (in our case this is usually a vendor with an extremely limited role in a project - not worth utilizing a license for), they post an update to notify the PM or person responsible for them. That person has a plan license and can complete (or update progress on) the assignment.

I was confused by your statement that reviewers don't get notifications. They actually do, any update on a task assigned to them, they will get, just like any other assignee. What they won't get is notice that they were given a new assignment and the simple workaround for that is to create an update to quickly notify them.

Hope this helps!