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Generate sequential number in Fusion


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Is possible to generate a sequential number in Fusion? (ex 100001, 100002) and then update a specific filed in a custom form in Workfront? 






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Hi Robert,


Fusion doesn't have any memory outside of each scenario execution. So whilst it is possible to use a count function to increment a number sequentially, during the next execution of that scenario it would lose all memory of what count was reached and would start from 1 again. . .  If that makes sense. 


The way to tackle this would be to set up a data store to hold a numeric attribute. Each time the scenario is triggered, Fusion reads the datastore to fetch the latest "count", increments it by 1, writes to Workfront and then writes back to the attribute in the data store with the latest count (so it can then be referenced in the next scenario execution). By using this approach, you are effecitvely creating a memory function to store the latest sequential number in an "external" database so that it can be referenced by your Fusion scenario as and when required. 


Does that help?


Best Regards,




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That would be a great template to add to the built-in Fusion templates!