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Custom grouping in Task Report combination of Role and User


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Hoping someone has an idea on this. I am trying to create a grouping in a task report by assigned user but i only want to group the assigned users of 2 particular job roles and they could be assigned as secondary.

Example: if a task has a primary assignment of a Sales role, and 2 other roles a designer and PM. This report is only for the PM group - so I want the tasks to be grouped under the PM name assigned to the task although they are a secondary assignee.

So thinking the grouping needs to incorporate the job role and the user name.

1st of grouping is: Actual Completion date by Month (this is done)

2nd level of grouping should be the job role of PM or IPM and the User name - but not grouping users with other roles

3rd level of grouping is a dynamic grouping (this is done)

It is the 2nd level that I can't think through.

Any help or ideas is appreciated!!!



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Hi Sherri - have you looked at an Assignment report instead? With an assignment report, if a task has three assignees, the task is listed three times. (While in a task report, you can only group by the Task Owner's info)

You can then filter Role ID = PM or IPM and not even have to worry about the other roles/assignments.

Attached is a report I showcased in the 2018 LEAP conference that might help you get started 🙂


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I was able to get the 2nd level grouping right with your suggestion above - Thanks!

But now a calculated column is now not showing - here is the text mode. Thinking either i need to add the task somehow since this is now on assignment report?

displayname=Week Day Difference - Complete




And I also have my 3rd level of grouping that is:


group.2.valueexpression=IF(WEEKDAYDIFF({plannedCompletionDate},{actualCompletionDate})<-2,"Early >2 Days",IF(WEEKDAYDIFF({plannedCompletionDate},{actualCompletionDate})<3,"On Target: 0-2 Days",IF(WEEKDAYDIFF({plannedCompletionDate},{actualCompletionDate})>2,"Over Target: 3+ Days")))

That is also not working - do i need to somehow address this is starting at an assignment level and then get to the task?

Both worked in the task report.

Thanks Anthony!


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Hi - so you are on a different object type and need to reference the task now (since assignments are both on tasks and issues).


Same for the grouping. Just need to add {task} and a period in front of every field. 🙂


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This did it! Thanks so much for your help!!!