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Can a custom field be configured to default to a date?


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We are using a request queue to do long-range planning, and have custom fields Quarter Start and Quarter End. Would like to have these default to specific dates (Q1 start = January 1, for example) so that we can see these items on a gantt chart. I can't figure out how to add logic to that or have it default. Thanks for the help!

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Level 7

You can add the custom form to a project template and in the template you should be able to provide those values so that when you open a project with that template it will have those values in those fields in the live project


Community Advisor

I think this would end up being three fields. Your initial field where you pick Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4. Then two calculated fields that are set to a date format, for Quarter Start and Quarter End, with the logic set to display the date based on what is selected in the initial field.