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Calculated fields in forms


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Is there a way to create a form with weighted values for each answer to calculate a "score" on the total?


I have a form where some questions are more important, and others are less important. They have Yes/No response choices. But I want the score to reflect higher on 'yes' responses for questions that are of greater importance.

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I don't know if you have tried this, but you can add values to the Yes/No choices in the custom field and then use text mode to display them in a report. And you should also be able to create another calculated custom field that adds up that value to the responses to all the questions. 


Here's the code to display the value in a project report. Just change the name of the field to the name of your custom field.

displayname=Yes/No (returns value)
namekey=Yes/No with Values
querysort=DE:Yes/No with Values
valueexpression={DE:Yes/No with Values}
valuefield=Yes/No with Values