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Delegate Approval for Timesheets


Level 7


As a manager, I want to delegate my timesheet approval decisions, in order to ensure continuity over short and long term absences.

When a manager is on short or long-term absence, there is currently no way to delegate their approvals to another operational manager using the current features available (i.e. delegate approvals).

This requires a System Admin to go in and manually update the direct reports manager field and subsequently update the direct reports approver on their individual timesheets.

Similar to how project, task and issue approvals can be delegated; it would be great to enable timesheet approvals as well.



Level 3


Yes! Every time we train new managers, they see the Delegate My Approvals option on the home screen and the time-off calendar, and assume it includes timesheet approvals. Current state is mis-leading from a user experience perspective.

*One note - as a manager, you are able to edit the approver on the timesheets you approve, so no admin is required to do that step, but it is not easy to train, especially when they see Delegate My Approvals as the obvious preferred option.