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Add Other Teams as a filter option on reports


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Some of our reports need to be filtered to only show data from members who belong to a certain Team. Only Home Team is available as a filter in reporting, so, in order for a person's data to display on a report, we have to make sure we remember to make their Home Team match the filter on the Report.

This works OK, but it means that if a person belongs to more than 1 team, they can only show up on 1 report that is filtered by Home Team. If we could select Other Teams as a filter on a report, then we wouldn't have to remember to make the report filter match their home team, and we could also have the person appear on all of the reports that are filtered by Team.



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This has been the basis of MANY of my help requests. Currently there is no way to pull together all work items for all members of a team. The only other way is to list a string of names.... which creates a maintenance nightmare if teams members are on-boarded/off-boarded.


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I've recently learned that Workfront has solved this for Other groups. The variable name is "otherGroupIDs" under the search tab for "User" in the API explorer.

Using this, you can run a timesheet report for any group, and it will look for all user membership regardless of "home" or "other".

This is EXACTLY what is needed for teams.


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I agree with the original request. When attempting to create an hours report, there is no filter option to include only those who are assigned to a team, which may not be the home team. As a result, each individual name must be entered on the report as filter. In the future, if there are changes to employees roles, the filter on the report would need to be maintained. If an option for "Other Team" is available, the report would continue to pull appropriate results as individual account settings are updated.


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I have run into this problem also, especially when crossing internal depts. - ie: Digital Mktg jobs that require a designer or copywriter. (since majority do not)

I have to filter by Digital Portfolio and then make sure to include anything with a design or copy task....gets cumbersome.

great idea!


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I completely agree and have found many needs for this. I've also tried to figure out a text mode solution but keep running into walls.