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Can I use text formatting in an update posted by Fusion 2?


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I have a scenario that uses a create record module to post an update to an issue that is awaiting approval to remind the approver they have a past due approval.

I would like to make some words bold, italic, etc. I've tried rtf code, bb code and html tags. None work. If I create some text in an rtf text editor and paste it in, it holds the formatting though.

Are there codes I can type in to the update test box to format the update?


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Hey Randy,

I've not found a way to format the text in a create record module, would love to hear if someone else in the community has found a way to do this!

I generally use the custom API module to post updates to Workfront specifically for this reason. You have a lot more control around the formatting as you can use html tags.

Here's a sample of the body used in a custom API call if this helps:


"html": "Hey Randy,</br>\nYou have an <b>assignment</b> that you <i>need to work on</i>. </br></br>Hope you are well. \n<ul>\n<li>Thing 1</li>\n<li>Thing 2</li>\n<li>Thing 3</li>\n</ul>",

"tags": [


"objID": "12345Insert User ID you want to tag here",

"objObjCode": "USER"



"objID": "12345Insert Issue ID you want to add update to here",

"noteText": "1",

"json": "1",

"noteObjCode": "OPTASK"


Here's a screenshot of the resulting update in Workfront


Best Regards,