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[VIDEO] Top 3 Reasons to Add an Image to Custom Forms



Cynthia from the Customer Success at Scale team is back again with the "Top 3" video series, with this edition highlighting reasons why you should be including images, videos, or PDFs in your Custom Form for your Request Queue.


This includes both fun and functional tips to improve communication and make filling out requests more interesting for your end users. 



If you found this interesting, be sure to check out the Add an image (or other asset widgets) to a Custom Form article on Experience League for step-by-step instructions!


Have any questions or comments for @CynthiaBoon? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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We tried to incorporate videos into our custom forms and ran into some hurdles. It sounded like making a proof for the video, and then using that proof URL, was the best route since we can't use Vimeo or YouTube in our organization but unfortunately, our proofs are set to auto archive after 60 days. We would then have errors show up constantly! Hopefully there will be some changes in the future that make it easier to post links to videos for very secure companies like Optum. 




This is definitely a challenge as the Video field on the Custom Form requires a public URL.  But my motto is: never give up! (Stubborn or determined?)


I spent a ton of time playing around where I could post a video on an internal channel.  In this case, I used SharePoint, so hopefully something like that is an option.  I tested a few different SharePoint Web Parts, and the one I liked was File Viewer (or File and Media, depending on your version of SharePoint), which lets you post a video on your SharePoint page from a few different location options. The bonus here is that you can post the relevant video in one channel, and then link it in the Request Queue.  


During my testing, I realized I didn't even have to go as far as editing a SharePoint page, adding a Web Part, etc.  

I uploaded the mp4 of one of the Top 3 videos to One Drive, and then right-clicked to copy the files URL.


Now...we know this is internal, so it won't work for the Video field, but I started testing it in other Custom Form fields, and it worked for me. (I'm hoping it will work for you!)

I added the link to my video file both the Descriptive Text Field and the PDF Field, and they both worked but I think the PDF field is the best bet.   It's definitely easier to see than the Descriptive Text field, and it opens on the queue instead of opening a separate browser.  I've included a screenshot of the results.


I hope this helps!


Request Queue Video Testing.png




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Hi @jon_chen 


We have had this issue for a while now that the image URL will expire after certain minutes. We have submitted a case for this concern, but WF support told us that this is an ongoing issue. Do we have an ETA on the resolution? For your Reference Case #00336175


Expired Link.PNG





Hey there!


I've been playing around in my own instance testing some things, so I'm not sure if these ideas will help, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share. 

I'm not sure how other folks are storing their documents and selecting their URLs, so I wanted to give some details for what I did. (Note - this is all within my Production environment, not the Preview or Sandbox environment.)

  1. I tend to store any images or docs that I would use on a Custom Form, directly in the Request Queue Project itself. I don't want the docs in a project that will archive, and since the assets will be used on the Request Form, this makes it easier for me to find.
  2. I'm not sure how others grab their URL, but what works best for me is just to right-click on that document and select Copy Link Address. (I use this same process when I add an image to the Custom Form.)
  3. That's the URL that I use for the PDF Custom Form Field.  So far, when I use these URLs, I can usually see them in the Form Builder.
  4. Last example is from the Request Queue itself and how the PDF is displayed. 

As I mentioned, I'm not sure if this works for everyone, but hoping it helps! 


Here are the screenshots that correspond to the steps above:

Step 1 and 2 - Request Queue Project - Docs and Copy Link.pngStep 3 - Preview of Custom Form Field.pngStep 4 - Example of PDF in the Request Queue.png


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Suuuuper helpful. I briefly tinkered with this stuff once and ran into issues probably because of where I was storing the file.


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Hosting the documents in the queue project 🤯🤯🤯

So simple yet, BRILLANT. I have one admin documents project and it's getting very difficult to manage, also I have to make sure I share it properly. This is a game changer!


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Thank you for the video!  I am able to add an image field to a custom form that we're using for a request queue.  However, the image only displays *after* the request is submitted.   


In my test, when a user is creating a new request, only the label displays (no image).  Once the request has been submitted, you can see both the label and the image.  In your video, it looks like the user can see the image prior to hitting submit.   Do I have a setting wrong or am I missing a step?  Thank you.


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Gold mine! I stumbled upon this post looking for something else, but it solves something that a colleague was looking to do. Woo-hoo! Thanks, @CynthiaBoon! You rock as always!