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Migration to the Admin Console


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Hi! I am seeking feedback from anyone that has migrated to the Admin Console and how it went for you and your team and how it is currently going. We have not yet migrated over but will need to soon and wanted to know if there anything that needs to be considered that you wish you knew before the migration to the Admin Console? Thank you in advance!

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We're in the process of moving into the Admin Console and this is highly relevant to my interests too!


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I've reached out WF CS, they said they will be someone from adobe coordinating with you once you are due for Migration, I think on or before end of Sept since this is there target to move everyone to Admin Console. 





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We recently migrated our Fusion instance to the admin console, it was straight-forward.  Our next item will be to migrate our WF instance.  Fusion was a good way to see how things will work in an admin console (I had no experience with a console).  We have many instances of Workfront in our company so finding the right AdobeOrg ID was the biggest challenge we had.


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Update on our migration thus far:


We are currently in the process of the migration. We received an email from WF Support with details and then have had a couple of calls to discuss the migration plan. Our IT owns our current Admin Console for other products and we are planning to add WF to our existing console for ease and centralization into 1 console. We have made it to the testing stage right now but we have had to work through some internal process changes as we are shifting ownership of account creation from me (I sit in Marketing) to the IT team. Overall, this has not been to heavy of lift.


I hope this is helpful for others.


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Hi Kiersten, when did you receive an email from Support? I reached out to Support the other day as I haven't heard anything about our migration yet and am getting anxious. I was told to reach out to our AE but haven't heard back yet. We technically have two Adobe accounts - one just for Workfront as our department "owns" it and one for the remainder of our Adobe applications "owned" by the overall organization.  Any indication of how long you'll need to set aside in total to work through this exercise? 


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Here is our timeline:


5/5: Received system announcement about the migration

6/7: Received email from Support team (will be a support ticket)

We had a couple calls in June/July with Support and our IT team since we needed to change our intake process.

7/27: Completed the testing in Sandbox and Preview (this was quick)

We spent the next few weeks internally nailing down our intake process with our IT team.

8/25: Target date to migrate for Prod environment


The amount of time to migrate will depend on your own internal processes. If we were not having IT owning the set up of accounts in the console, I would say we would have been done migrating within a couple of weeks max.


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Thanks Kiersten, I really appreciate that insight. For anyone else in our shoes, our AE was able to reach out to the Support team we were supposed to have heard from and we received an email last night to begin meeting and discussing our migration.


We do have SSO enabled and I've heard rumblings that that can complicate things. I believe we'll still be owning the set up accounts, so hopefully that makes it quicker like you suggested. Still need to understand everything, myself. Hope your final transition migrating Prod is smooth! Keep us posted.


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8/29 Update:


We have migrated PROD to the Admin Console. Overall, not too bad but we did encounter a few issues which we could not get ahead of until we did the migration.


What We Encountered

Some Users were not able to log in once migrated. This was due to a few things:


- Some users current email address did not align to the email address they had in the tool since they moved to another business unit within our organization

- Since we migrated to an existing Admin Console, some users Federation ID would pull in their email address an not their ID. IT had to rebuild accounts in the Admin Console to replace the email addresses with the ID.


Due to these issues above, a couple of users received a new Workfront account all together. We wrapped up all issues by end of business day.



- We migrated on a Monday to ensure we could have the week to work through any issues.

- Block your day or keep meetings to a minimum to be on stand by for any issues.

- If IT is involved in your business, also have them on stand by to work through any issues.

- Send an email to your users right after the migration finishes so they can try to log in. This worked well for us so we could react quickly for issues.


I hope this is helpful for others working through the migration.