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📣📣 Industry Circles are Expanding! Call for more Industries and Session Leaders



The Workfront Customer Success Scale team recently launched their new Adobe Workfront Industry Circle events, with our first session focused on Higher Education. 

Now we're ready to add new quarterly events for other industries. We’re hoping that these sessions will provide a dedicated space to connect, network, and collaborate with other Workfront Admins in your specific industry. Which industries should we focus on next? 

  • Financial Services 
  • CPG 
  • Retail 
  • Healthcare 
  • Another industry?

These events are currently set for 60 minutes, and we’d love to have 1-2 customers that would be willing to lead/start the conversation by sharing examples of how they use Workfront. 

(I spent more than a decade of my career in Financial Services, so I’d love to start that in the April/May timeframe, if there’s any interest? )

If you have preferences on any of these industries or even better, interested in leading one of the sessions, please reply back to this thread or send us an email at csatscale@adobe.com!  We're excited to partner with you! 

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Great stuff @CynthiaBoon,


+1 for Finance from me, but as that was my University Degree, I admit my bias.


Also, if you want to kick it old school...


I could tromp down to the wine cellar and choose a well aged Oil & Gas presentation from back in the @task [sic] days to show off:


  • how broadly Workfront can be used (i.e. wall to wall across all departments),
  • how resiliently many techniques still apply (i.e. custom data, reporting, templates), and
  • how retro the old screenshots looked at the time





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I would like to see one for the manufacturing industry!


Community Advisor

I vote for financial services! However, I would be a follower on that topic and not a leader