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Is there a better way to acquire Mirror page link than publishing from a journey?


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Took all the AJO classes and working with an outside source to get me and my crew up to speed now that the IP warming is complete. Was told the only way to get mirror links is to create a 'content template' upload the html into it. Duplicated a working journey that has a segmented list, edit the 'email parameters' so it only sends to that one person, edit content where you change the design to that content template you just created, then save and publish it. The problem is once the journey is live you can't see any changes you made to the content template post publish.

Is there a better way to get the mirror page than doing all those steps and would reflect any changes?

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@Labryinth14, Setup a test profile and use the journey test mode rather than publish the journey to send updated message to test profiles and validate the updated content/mirror page.



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@Labryinth14 ,


You might be able to use Query service to get at some data, but that would be a big exploration. It would be far easier to just export the message id + profile from AJO to the thrid party system and they can generate a mirror page on the fly if you know what params the Mirror page needs to render.