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Count amount of profiles in Read Audience


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I'm seeking assistance with tracking the number of profiles in a specific segment during a journey. Specifically, I need to identify if a segment includes more than five profiles, and if so, the journey should continue. While I'm considering monitoring this similarly to creating an Audience, I'm open to alternative methods or solutions for achieving the same result. Could anyone provide guidance or suggestions on how to implement this?





I've tried somethingl like this in journey advanced editor: distinctCount([inSegment("[CXW] AEP IIN")]) > 5 but nothing happens (as my segment has more than 5 profiles)




Thank you!


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@Silvio6  could you use the Profile Cap condition with alternative paths for what you are looking to do? Can you explain your use case? 


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I want to check if the Audience has more than 5 profiles, run the journey and if not, do nothing.


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@Ivan_Mironchuk hi! was my response clear? I was thinking creating a segment. Again, my request is to contact VP's with its company name (via AJO) where any of their employees went to a previous event and they were more than 5 in my last event. Please check my question in AEP forum: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-platform/conference-participants-s...