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Automated Handling of Email Replies


Level 2


Description - Provide a tool similar to Drift Email OR change the DNS structure to allow Drift Email to plug into the email engine like it does with Marketo


Why is this feature important to you - We handle 100k replies a month automatically with Marketo+Drift Email to ensure compliance as well as route Humans back to sales reps. Works VERY well. It has saved us thousands of hours of rep and team time (60k/yr).


AJO does not provide this because of the use of CNAMEs which breaks Drift Email and causes other issues with setup. Current offer to forward replies to an email box at ringCentral does not scale. We don't have 20 people to filter through the replies every day. In addition, if we send on behalf of sales reps, they would all get the OOO and bad replies which makes them angry and wastes their time.


How would you like the feature to work - Change DNS structure to allow Drift Email





Current Behaviour - see above