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dataProvider valid data format


Level 3

I'm playing with data providers in target and face an issue when try to send array to target. I'm getting error“Invalid Json. Location: line - 1, column - 653.”

And it corresponds with array as value for property

this one is fine

"param1": "test", "param2": 123

but payload like this causing error 

"param1": "test", "param2": ["test", "test2"]

In documentation is says "params: A JSON object ... " and my payload is a valid json object




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var data = {
  "param1": "test",
  "param2": 123


data = JSON.parse(data); // maybe this line helps
callback(error, data);

Maybe it is enough if you use JSON.parse.


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Level 3

This code will throw and error as data is already JSON

Issue is with more complex values like arrays. Which still are valid in JSON object but at.js throwing error about them. Question is if data can be any json object or just list of key values pairs where values are simple types like string, number, boolean?