[SERIES 1 OVERVIEW] 5/13/20 - 8/5/20 Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Breaks




 Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Breaks: A program designed to keep you connected to some of the very best Adobe Target resources - specifically, the great minds behind Adobe Target, including our expert product management, product marketing, consulting, and engineering team members.

Review the threads from our past series of Coffee Breaks that took place bi-weekly between 5/13/20 and 8/5/20: 

  1. May 13th, Kimen Warner TOPICS: General Target topics
  2. May 27th, Shannon Hamilton TOPICS: Adobe Target user interface, A/B Testing and Experience Targeting (XT) Offers libraries, Activity lists, Audiences libraries, Integrations: i.e. Adobe Analytics (A4T), Adobe Experience Manager Experience Fragments, Audience Manager audiences, and Adobe Experience Platform integrations
  3. June 10th, David Son TOPICS: At.js, Mobile, Alloy, APIs 
  4. June 24th, Ram Parthasarathy *supported by Mihnea Docea of Customer Care TOPICS: General Adobe Target topics, Next Best Offer, Offer Decisioning
  5. July 8th, Rob Hornick *supported by Surbhi Gupta of Customer Care TOPICS: Personalization, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence , Recommendations, Auto-Allocate, Auto-Target, Automated Personalization 
  6. July 22nd, Jon Tehero *supported by Rami Hammad of Customer Care TOPICS: General Adobe Target backend & UI, Adobe Target Recommendations, Target integrations with the Experience Platform (Unified Profile, Experience Edge, Target data connector, etc), Target's reporting integration with Adobe Analytics (A4T)
  7. August 5th, Cristinel Anastasoaie *supported by Peter Hartung of Customer Care TOPICS: Adobe Target User Interface, Adobe Target Integrations, Enterprise permissions and workspaces

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