How to import or send segment data into Target from external system?

shubhamd8650986 26-03-2019

I'm currently working on POC to integrate Adobe Target with external system ( CRM ). I want to use existing customer segment data created & stored in CRM for web personalization. Is there a way i can share segment information with Target  in real time or batch?





Hi Shubham,

In case you need to implement a real-time segmentation scenario, you may want to consider CRM integration with CMS to populate customer segment or/and attributes in Data Layer that will be captured in the Target mbox parameter for segmentation and as a result personalisation.

shubhamd8650986 27-03-2019

Can i try using below scenario ? Do you think by connecting through AdobeI/O i can share the segment information to Target ?


Eric_Vidana 28-03-2019

Sure. I don't see why not. I would imagine someone on this forum is more familiar than I with getting CRM data into the experience cloud for audience segmentation. If you are looking to do it for only Adobe Target then I would check out:

Target API v1.0

If you have the data or if your CRM has an API, you could structure profile update calls which would be similar to what Andrey Osadchuk​ mentioned above, just offline. It does not require the auth/tokens that would come from Adobe I/O so you could skip that part for this design.

Also, look into mboxthirdpartyid to help out with passing a customer id to Target.