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All things Adobe Target at Adobe Summit 2023




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All things Adobe Target at Adobe Summit 2023 3.15.23, by @kaitlinwhite  

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While we on the Adobe Target team happen to be hyper-focused on incredible digital experiences, there’s one amazing in-person experience we can’t wait to attend this year: Adobe Summit 2023.

This Adobe Summit is extra special, being the first in-person Summit after several years of virtual-only Summits. Digital experiences are great, especially the incredible ones our Target customers create for their visitors. Still, we’re excited for the opportunity to meet and connect with our Target superheroes at Summit. And for anyone who can’t join this year, don’t worry — the virtual Summit will be a great time too.

If you’re a Target user, which I’m hoping you are if you’ve made it this far, get excited! We have nine different Target-centric sessions this year, covering a variety of topics, with incredible customer and partner speakers from a variety of different industries and roles. We’re also hosting two hands-on labs, which I know you aren’t going to want to miss.

Hopefully you’re hyped up already — but either way, let’s dive into the details a bit:


Establish Your Experimentation as a Business Product [S816]

Damien Hopkins shares his journey taking The Home Depot from selective A/B testing to the creation of an enterprise experimentation product that sources companywide group think and flexes testing muscle.


Going for the Gold with Your Personalization Program [S817]

Helping their athletes (a.k.a. customers) knock it out of the park is the number-one goal at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Shawn Wilkinson talks through how they’re creating memorable moments for their athletes online to help drive top-line sales.


Spencer Malachowsky shares how NVIDIA's web team used Adobe Target Recommendations to create a personalized experience for visitors, including a "Recommended for You" section on the home page. Discover how to configure Recommendations using multiple audiences and criteria, build a scalable setup, and add filtering options for visitors to customize their experience.


Maximizing Conversions with Recommendations [S819]

Unlock the power of recommendations beyond product and content suggestions with Lenovo's innovative approach. Join Tim Furlow as he shares ways to discover how to maximize conversions, drive sustainable revenue growth, and optimize experiences through customized algorithms with Adobe Target.


Zero to Hero: Scale a Personalization Program that Delivers [S820]

Join Heather Adkins as she shares tips on how to elevate your personalization game with winning strategies to go from mass marketing to specialized relationship building. Learn how to become your team's personalization hero by establishing a scalable program, maximizing Adobe Target capabilities, and integrating personalization into real-time, cross-channel journeys.


Mazda: Personalization Inspired by Japanese Hospitality [S821]

Blending the concept of Japanese hospitality — something core to the Mazda brand — with the business priority of crafting personalized experiences for their customers, Rachelle Maisner and Erica Lewkowicz will be showcasing Mazda's approach to personalization that satisfies both the customer wants and the business needs, as well as unique methods to quantify personalization impact and ROI across channels.


Driving Record ROI in Mobile & Authenticated Personalization [S822]

Customer retention and loyalty remain key indicators for sustainable business growth during times of economic uncertainty. Adobe empowers brands to use AI-powered personalization for more dynamic customer service by providing value-added services, promoting customer self-service, and delivering the right incentives with contextual data. Join Brent Kostak and Brian Hawkins to learn how mobile and authenticated interactions are driving record ROI and customer success.


Personalization for Dynamic Customer Service [S823]

Brands are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer's experience, and chatbots can provide another opportunity to impress customers. Harold Jansen from Helium is joining us for this session on how to integrate personalization into chatbots for dynamic customer service.


AI Personalization for Every Customer [S824]

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the world today, and Adobe is committed to being at the forefront of this brave new frontier. Join Louis Girifalco to learn how you can harness the powers of machine learning to create memorable digital interactions with every customer, personalized for their unique preferences and goals.

In-App Mobile Testing and Personalization with Adobe Target [L730]

Join Kevin Scally to discover how Adobe Target enables developers, product managers, and marketers to optimize mobile experiences with A/B testing, feature flags, and AI-powered personalization. Explore step-by-step workflows, configure customer lifecycle metrics, use AI and machine learning and learn about mobile SDKs and APIs for flexible implementations supporting iOS and Android platforms.

Experimenting Your Way to a Personalized Commerce Experience [L724]

Learn how to optimize and personalize your customer experience through A/B and multivariate testing using Adobe Target with Adobe Commerce and see your results in Adobe Analytics. Design and run tests, test multiple elements at once, and use multi-armed band testing to allocate traffic to the most successful experience, all while quickly and confidently determining the best experience for your customers.

See you at Summit

While these sessions are focused primarily on Target, there are many other sessions that talk through Target too — 40 other sessions to be exact. Check out all of the sessions talking about Target here. We’re so excited about Adobe Summit 2023, and we hope to see you there.

Kaitlin currently works as a product marketing manager at Adobe, where she focuses on personalization and optimization solution Adobe Target. Throughout her career, she's developed a passion for helping customers use their data to solve problems, answer their questions, and ultimately provide the best experiences for their customers.