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Adobe Target announces customizing AI-powered personalization for enhancing real-time engagement and conversion




Adobe is announcing today new AI-powered personalization enhancements, so that users can leverage filtering and intelligence to directly impact the business metrics that matter most on a per activity basis.
9.26.22, by @Drburns27 

Adobe Target announces customizing AI-powered personalization for enhancing real-time engagement and...


Personalization at scale is now a necessity across industries

Personalization has become a means for companies to critically differentiate themselves from the competition throughout their customer journey and can be highly effective at each interaction. It begins at a visitor’s first touch, leveraging basic data for acquisition use cases, all the way through to customer service and loyalty use cases, which have surged during the global pandemic. Digital adoption and customer expectations for a personalized experience across each digital touch point is increasing, pushing brands to keep pace in this quickly shifting digital economy. Recent studies found that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them, while 40% are more likely to spend more than they had planned when experiences are highly personalized to them, and 48% have left a website without purchasing because they felt it was poorly curated for them.

In response, companies have delivered eight years of digital progress in a matter of months, operating 20-25 times faster than expected, according to findings in the 2022 Adobe Digital Trends report. Addressing these new expectations for personalized experiences, brands can foster real-time engagement that deliver hyper-relevant, contextualized customer experiences and conversions at scale. We have been working with the leading brands across industry on these techniques, many of which are captured within our new “Chef’s Collection: Recipes For Personalization” and our updated “Winning Playbook for Experience Personalization”.

We have prioritized the development and release of features and integrations within Adobe Target that enhance personalization at scale. Today, the Adobe Target team is excited to announce the release of custom models within our AI-Personalization Activities, the release of enhanced activity alerts , and a beta launch of a powerful integration with Adobe Real-Time CDP for omni-channel attribute scoring in AI-powered personalization. Register for our October 11 webinar that goes deeper into each of these feature enhancements HERE.

Announcing model controls in AI-powered personalization

Generally available shortly, Target will provide enhanced model controls within Automated Personalization, which ranks the order of personalized experiences, offers and content to each individual at each visit, as well as Auto-Target activities, which provides a personalized page/screen or multi-page/multi-screen experience in real-time for each individual. These use cases include delivering rank-ordered offers on a homepage and a ranked product page design on a PDP, or next best navigational icons within a mobile application leveraging Automated Personalization for driving adds to cart or mobile feature adoption. It also includes a complete personalized “lobby” experience at each visit with Auto-Target, as you find at each visit to Adobe.com. Learn more about how customers are using AI-powered activities in our new Adobe Target AI/ML whitepaper.

AI-powered personalization activities are immensely impactful in 1-to-1 personalization use cases, evaluating and scoring an individual’s entire profile in real-time, at each visit, to deliver the optimal personalized experience for driving a specific business goal. The insights reports from these activities are equally impactful, showing you all of the analysis on predictive attributes and segments per experience that the algorithms have discovered. While “evaluating everything” in each individual’s profile can be good for exploring and exploiting, especially with anonymous traffic where the best personalization rules are not clear, there are many instances where a user would like to constrain the algorithms’ computing power. For instance, based on incentives to drive rewards’ program signup, a company might prefer these activities to focus on evaluating propensity score, current loyalty status and geo-location, and ignore inconsequential data like weather and device type. Not only does this speed up the algorithms computation, but it also weeds out the potential “data noise” in insights reports. A new API to block-list profile attributes within Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities will be powerful at both a program and per activity level, in streamlining the effectiveness of existing use cases and broadening the scope of how and where this powerful personalization decisioning can be used by organizations.

Announcing a new beta for Adobe Real-Time CDP and Target

Today, we are also announcing an upcoming beta open to customers that unlocks the ability to evaluate Adobe Real-Time CDP attributes and high-value segments in Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities. This expands the data available for Adobe Target’s algorithms to evaluate for more precise 1-to-1 personalization execution.

At Adobe Summit, we announced that Target is now a source for a new class of edge segmentation from Real-Time CDP, enabling marketers and business owners to syndicate highly predictive audience segments to the edge for evaluation in real-time for “next hit” enhanced personalization use cases. For instance, a customer expressing their dissatisfaction with a credit card on a call center call could receive content on a subsequent web page visit that provides added incentive to remain a loyal member or suppress upsell marketing based on their current status. Real-Time CDP is a rich source for Adobe Target personalization as a destination due to its compiling and computing on unified data from online and offline interactions, especially within Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities. Now with our Adobe Target beta for evaluating Real-Time CDP profile attributes and segments for AI-powered evaluation and scoring, customers will be able to leverage user data in the moment to deliver next-best-experiences for driving engagement, conversion and loyalty metrics that exponentially impacts revenue.

One enterprise travel and hospitality brand spoke to the value of these enhancements:  A high priority for providing the best possible service for our guests is delivering the most relevant, personalized, frictionless experience at each moment within their journey with us, across all digital touch points.  The ability now for Adobe Real-Time CDP to deliver high value audience segments and profile attributes, compiled from online and offline interactions, to Adobe Target means that we have a more comprehensive, real-time context at each moment to personalize and automate tailored, “white glove” experiences at scale based on the most current guest needs.”

Announcing new Adobe Target activity alerts

Finally, Adobe Target is announcing new alerts within the user interface of Pulse 2.0, the reporting system shared across Adobe Experience Cloud applications, as well as the ability to trigger emails on activity progress including activity launches, issues and results. This enhances the governance controls we provide out-of-the-box that allows a team or personalization center of excellence to govern their efforts more effectively across stakeholders as they scale their activities across teams and touch points.

We’re excited to see how brands continue to build, scale and mature their personalization programs with these new AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our Adobe Target community and users for continually driving new, industry-first features and innovation within the product to better meet their and their customers’ needs. Thank you sincerely for your partnership, and please reach out to your Adobe representative if you’re interested in participating in this very impactful personalization beta program including Real-Time CDP and AI-powered Personalization.


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