LCDS Streaming AMF Issue with Multiple Broswer Tabs









I am facing the below problem with LiveCycle DS NIO Streaming AMF.

I am using NIO Streaming AMF for pushing data to clients using Subtopics and selectors. The Consumer I have used is MultiTopicConsumer.

The issue that when I try to open the application in two tabs of a browser, the consumers from the first tab connect fine, but the consumers from the 2nd tab throws the below error as taken from flashlog.txt.

'my-nio-amf-stream' channel got status. (Object)#0

code = "NetConnection.Call.Failed"

description = "HTTP: Failed"

details = "http://localhost:2080/nioamfstream"

level = "error"

'2885C524-D185-7679-9AC1-EC057C9E0085' consumer channel faulted with Channel.Call.Failed NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed

'2885C524-D185-7679-9AC1-EC057C9E0085' consumer fault for '28AC4573-EB7C-CBCE-9EE5-EC057F0F0EF8'.

From the LCDS Debug logs what i can find is that the FlexSession being used is same and that might be causing the problem.

Please help me as to how to make the subscriptions work from multiple tabs of the same browser.

Can someone please help me in this regards?

Thanks in advance.