Experiences with WordPress-Plugin for DPS2015



Hi there.

at the moment we are testing the WordPress-Plugin for DPS2015.

It works great and we connected it to the Adobe DPS, so that we now are able to produce Articles inside WordPress.

My questions are:

- Has anyone else experiences with this Plugin?

- Is there a way to get the articles for this Plugin inside the WordPress-Blog?

Would be great if we could use the articles for the WordPress-Blog and for the DPS at once.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Lars - pleased to hear you finally checked out the WP plug-in. It works well and is the future, potentially. I know you wanted more interaction - but this is all possible if you want to go deeper with HTML and so on. It should all integrate.



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That might be your issue. The requirements on the plugin page state support for PHP 5.4+


WordPress 3.5 +
PHP 5.4 or higher,
MySQL 5.0 or higher,
Apache or nginx recommended.
FTP access to the server to install the plugin.

Digital Publishing Tools for Wordpress



FWIW, this plugin doesn't really handle filesystem stuff terribly well.  It throws lots of stuff into /tmp and never bothers to clean it up, and is very sensitive to file/directory permissions.  Make sure that whatever user your webserver is running as can actually see your template files and assets.  On Dreamhost, it's been kind of a major pain getting everything working properly.



Hey so i'm working with this plugin as well and i installed a wordpress server to test this and here are the steps I had to follow.

First create your article
Then tell it to create the article on the cloud - This does not send over the files just creates the shell on the dashboard.
Then use the the cloud button again and select update all this sent over my .article and image information to dps
I then went manually into my dashboard and added it to my collection and selected preflight and it worked for me.




I've been working on this for the last month or so with little success. 

First it would not install properly but that was fixed by moving to a new host (it was time to renew and I was able to confirm an error free install on another service so we moved from the suggested host to Hostmonster).   I created a ticket with Mercury Studio on their site when I started having the issue.. and heard back from them a few weeks later (this was during the holidays) by which time i had already side-stepped the issue.

Now the plugin won't create a proper .article file.  It's frustrating.

I've followed the Plug-In's documentation,  ensured i'm using the correct version of WordPress, and provided them with the info below...but it's been 8 days w/ nothing from the plugin developer. 

ticket:  Error: Unable to parse the manifest file. [IN014] · Issue #40 · StudioMercury/digital-publishing-too...

no error from the plugin or wordpress site but when i look at dps, i get this:

Upload Failure
The content was not uploaded.
Unable to parse the manifest file. [IN014]
Select upload to try again.

confirmed we are using a known working version of WP (4.3.2) and have the following server config:

Apache 2.2.31

PHP 5.4.43

MySQL 5.5.42

Perl 5.10.1

downloaded the article from wordpress  and received the .article file, a 'contents' folder (containing only a thumbnail file with zero bytes size) and sidecar.xml.  when i crack the .article file open, it only contains the manifest.xml file and it appears to be wrong:

< manifest dateModified="2016-01-18T15:56:44Z" targetViewer="33.0.0" version="3.0.0" >< index/ >< resources/ >< /manifest >

If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.




Martin - Don't click in the sub-menu of the WP plugin, just click the main "Digital Publishing" icon to bring you into the plugin interface. From there, make sure you go into settings and properly fill out the Adobe API settings. If you have everything properly filled out you should see your project appear at the bottom.



I've just tried this plugin on clean installation of WP 4.3.1, version 2.0.6 and 2.0.7, with no luck - after selecting "Digital publishing" in menu, i see "Failed. Could not perform action (get_settings)". I see it barely, because it's light grey on pink ).




Lars, First did you get API access with a Client ID and Secret, Device ID and Token? Next, have you looked at the Plugin's help pages? http://studiomercury.github.io/digital-publishing-tools-for-wordpress/

The idea here is that you can either create content in WordPress for exclusive publishing in DPS, or you can bring content that already exists in WordPress as content to publish in DPS. If you are looking at your listing of posts you should have a new action under the bulk actions drop down menu to import content as DPS articles.

I created a quick video to show how this works: https://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-solution/how-to/wordpress-drupal-integration.html?set=dig...



Hi David

yes, the function is available and i can get WordPress-Articles into the DPS but when i try to upload the .article-Data via WP-Plugin, i always get a failure.

When i download the .article-file manually and open it in TextEditor, i can see, that the .html-file is always empty.

Anyway … i will keep on trying …

Best regards,