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Connecting to SharePoint using REST API and Swagger File


Level 3

We are attempting to connect to SharePoint using a swagger file and the REST API. We have been able to authenticate using OAuth 2.0 but are hitting a roadblock when trying to test any services contained in the swagger file. We recently were able to do this with ServiceNow and are hoping to do the same thing with SharePoint.


The redirect_uris match and the application has been given full control in SharePoint.


Thank you.



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Level 3

The error in AEM is:

"errorMessage": "com.adobe.aemfd.dermis.authentication.exception.AuthenticationException: AADSTS70000: Provided grant is invalid or malformed.


The error in Postman is:

"odata.error": {
        "code""-2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException",
        "message": {
            "value""Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation."