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Installation procedure for removing AEM Designer version previous to 6.5.15


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I have a client that needs to upgrade their staff from AEM Designer 6.5.0 to any version more current that 6.5.15 (We are targeting 6.5.18)


I am looking for some documentation on the Adobe approved process to remove previous versions, and the install of versions from 6.5.15 or higher.


At this time we have 2-3 machines that an attempt to upgrade was made and the install failed. Now they cannot uninstall or re-install without receiving and error.

The basic procedure they are following:

1. Uninstall AEM Designer 6.5.0.

2. Install AEM Designer 6.5.15. - This is where they are getting stuck.

3. Install the upgrade to 6.5.18.

I believe that all necessary C language updates are in place.

There is no Workbench install.


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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