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Not receiving notification email when assinging task to group


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Hello everyone,


Right now, I have an Assign Task step that is assigned to a specific group and I checked the Notify Assignee by Email, but I'm not receiving any email and I'm part of the "Forms Management" Group.


After not receiving the notification email, I went to the inbox to start the task thinking that maybe accessing the task would send me the email but didn't work as well.


I reconfigured the Assign Task step to be assigned to a specific user and did get a notification email. That makes me think that when is assigned to the group, the notification email doesn't work. Could someone please help me validate this scenario or maybe I'm missing some configuration?


Thank you!

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@SebasRios34  Can you please check if the group has any users assigned to it? You can re-assign your user to group and try this again.


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Hey @diksha_mishra,


When I created the group I added myself and another member with email addresses configured, and then tested the assigned task and we didn't receive any notification email. I re-assigned the users as you asked, but the issue is still happening


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This is happening to me as well.  We're on 6.5.13. I don't see any relevant errors in our logs either.