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AEM Desktop App: No Assets to Display


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I installed AEM Desktop app on my computer. When I sign in, the screen says "There are no assets to display" and there is a banner that says "The specified item could not be found". I've refreshed the app and rebooted my computer, but no luck.


I'm not sure if I connected incorrectly or if this is a permissions issue or something else. Any advice on troubleshooting?

For context, I am a dam user but not an admin. I have read permissions for most folders and edit permissions for one.


Thank you,





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Hi @MorganMeik 


Can you please confirm if you are using the latest version of AEM Desktop App? The recommendation is to use the latest version which is - v2.3.0 (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-desktop-app/using/release-notes.html?lang...)


Do you see any errors in the logs? Based on your OS they could be at the below paths -

On Windows: %LocalAppData%\Adobe\AssetsCompanion\Logs

On Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Adobe\ Experience\ Manager\ Desktop

Also this page has some troubleshooting tips - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-desktop-app/using/troubleshoot.html?lang=... 


Hope this helps.





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Hi @narendragandhi, yes I'm using v2.3.0. I'm not able to see any logs. I don't have any folders that follow the Adobe\AssetsCompanion\Logs path.



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