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I'm not sure if my goal is even possible. I've been combing through the docs and can't quite figure out how I might be able to accomplish this.

We have an occasional issue with our transactional emails where they stall for long periods of time (due to an issue on our side) - Ideally, I'm looking for a way to send an alert on a few emails if they've not triggered in a while during regular business hours. I've looked through delivery alerting, but it seems like I'm only able to alert on a failure, not really an absence of delivery logs.


Would greatly appreciate any guidance!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Delivery alerting indeed can only be used if a delivery is there and mainly is not really suitable for transactional messages.

1 way to achieve a monitoring would be to build a custom workflow which is searching for the events and checking the event status / date values.

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