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Unveiling Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface: A Revolution for Cross-channel Marketers




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Cross-channel marketers are doing things they weren't even thinking about just a few years ago. There are new channels and new ways to engage with customers. More than anything, it is about keeping up with the rate and pace of change, which means doing things efficiently. 


In a continuous effort to meet changing dynamics for marketers, after releasing Managed Cloud Services v8, I am excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience and supercharge marketers — a reimagined web user interface encompassing revolutionary updates in cross-channel experiences design. 


Go beyond simple audience creation with Audience Composition.  

Designed for efficiency, marketers can navigate the new workflow canvas interface effortlessly and enjoy a more intuitive advanced workspace. The visual workflow canvas allows you to create, manage, refine, and enrich audiences effortlessly. With advanced segmentation and conditional triggers, empower your campaigns with dynamic and personalized fields driving superior performance. 


Step into the future with the advanced query modeler and email designer.  

These features empower you to create sophisticated queries and design cross-channel experiences through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Whether you start from scratch, use existing templates, or AI features to generate and refine text, images, and HTML email (in beta).   


Experience a new era in landing page creation.  

Instantly design and share landing pages with built-in templates. Manage acquisitions, subscriptions, and deny-list use cases seamlessly in a user-friendly environment. 


360-degree customer view  

Gain a comprehensive view of your customers through powerful reports and tools. Access customers’ attributes, interactions, and logs. Edit and update effortlessly with advanced filtering options. 


Unleash unparalleled possibilities with the broader Adobe ecosystem.  

Seamlessly integrated into the Adobe Experience Platform, it is a cohesive and interconnected digital experience with other applications like Adobe Journey Optimizer. Harness the power of native connections and audience sharing to enhance your batch campaigns with 1:1 real-time personalized customer journeys. 


Adobe Campaign's next-gen web user interface is redefining the cross-channel experience for marketers. Embrace these powerful features and capabilities to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Elevate your campaigns, engage your audience, and unleash the true potential of your marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more innovations in Campaign's cutting-edge platform with generative AI features increasing productivity and agility.  


On February 14th, discover and Learn the new user interface: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-web-learn/tutorials/overview.html   


Join us at Adobe Summit: 

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