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Top KCS Articles for June 2024, Curated For Your Campaign Troubleshooting Pleasure!




Dear Adobe Campaign Community,


Your time is precious, and we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to troubleshooting issues with Adobe Campaign.


That's why we're excited to again bring you our carefully curated collection of Top KCS (Knowledge-Base) Articles for June 2024, designed to help you resolve common challenges swiftly and effectively.


Our Top KCS Articles are your shortcut to:


  • Quickly identifying and resolving recurring issues.
  • Accessing expert insights and best practices for Adobe Campaign.
  • Streamlining your troubleshooting process for maximum productivity.
  • Empowering yourself with the knowledge to tackle any campaign-related problem head-on.

Why spend hours searching for solutions when our Top KCS Articles have already done the heavy lifting for you?

Let us help you save time so you can focus on what truly matters – creating exceptional campaigns with Adobe Campaign.


Start supercharging your problem-solving skills today by exploring our Top KCS Articles!


Take a look:


  1. BigQuery Error: Field iMessageType has changed type from INTEGER to BOOLEAN  – In Adobe Campaign Classic, if you receive a BigQuery error when attempting to insert an INT8 bit data type from Adobe Campaign Classic to GCP BigQuery database, you should update the ODBC driver to the latest version.
  2. Timezone isn't correct for Google BigQuery schema  – Learn about how to resolve the issue in Adobe Campaign Classic v8.5, when reading data from the column of a Google BigQuery table defined as datetimetz at the schema level, if the displayed date and hour don’t include the operator’s timezone information, where you add the option useTimestampTZ and set it to 1.
  3. The overflow-y: hidden property automatically added to landing pages  – Learn about how to resolve the issue in Adobe Campaign Classic v7, if you can no longer scroll the published landing page, by manually removing overflow-y: hidden from the landing page definition.
  4. Request headers not being forwarded to JSSP in ACC  – Learn about how to resolve the issue when you’re sending request headers and if they’re returning empty, it means they are not being forwarded to JSSP.
  5. Uploading file under Public resources gets stuck)  – Learn about how to resolve the issue in Adobe Campaign Classic v7, within a marketing and mid-instance infrastructure, the file upload via Public Resources gets stuck at 90%.
  6. The ffdaUnicity workflow fails with ODB-240000 error  – Learn about how to resolve the issue when ffdaUnicity workflow fails with a ODB-240000 error.
  7. Status of SMS delivery in nmsBroadLogRcp is not Received on mobile  – Learn how to fix the issue where the status of SMS delivery in nmsBroadLogRcp is incorrect.
  8. Troubleshooting nlserver failure after Red Hat® upgrade to version 8.9  – Learn about how to resolve the issue when upgrading RedHat from version 7.9 to version 8.9 can lead to nlserver startup issues, including shared library errors and systemd failures.
  9. Delivery fails with “Replication not confirmed: schema:‘nms:delivery’” error  – Learn about how to resolve the issue when the delivery preparation process fails in Adobe Campaign Classic with the following error: Replication not confirmed: schema:‘nms:delivery’.
  10. Difference between SMS delivery statuses: Sent, Sent to the provider, and Received on Mobile  – Learn about the out-of-the-box delivery status documentation, specifically, detailing the statuses of Sent, Sent to the Provider, and Received on Mobile.


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