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Global Unsubscribe functionality


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Does the Global Unsubscribe functionality (blacklisting) works on Profile level or email address level? If we have two Profiles with the same email address (but different primary key) and one of them unsubscribes from all communication (global unsubscribe) is the email address blacklisted in Adobe Campaign so no emails can be sent to it? Or is communication blocked only for the Profile that performed global unsubscription?

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Employee Advisor

this will be a full blacklist on the E-Mail address.

i.e. all profiles sharing same Email address would not receive communication anymore


Level 10

Hi Lukaszs,

Unlike Ramon replied, the behavior in ACS (standard) is the same as ACC (classic), it means the blacklist is done at profile record level, not email:

Adobe Campaign Help | About opt-in and opt-out in Campaign

So for instance, exclude rules (typology or delivery) is done per contact, not email shared between contact.

The only location where is the action is common to all contacts/email based is nms:address (quarantine management).