User removed from operator Group automatically



We have operator group and workflow is set up to send notification for that entire group. Everyday since last 2 weeks i was getting email notifications. Please note i am admin. Today when I went in operator group, I found my user id was removed. I am 100% sure manually no one can remove my group as I am primary resource for Adobe Campaign. 


I added back again but is there any job that removes ids based on some consistancy check that we missed to add my id to? 


where is audit feature for user if he has been added or removed from the group ? 




Answers (1)

Answers (1)



Hey Prasanna,

I never heard auto removal of any operator from a Operator group unless done by Admin manually.

Please check with other user, if they had made operator group changes (for some task). It is possible that it happened unknowingly by someone.