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Hi all,

I can see the value 'Typed/Bookmarked' in all the channels if i breaking down the marketing Channel report by referring domains. How is that possible? am i missed in tagging or in rule definition?


your help is much appreciated 🙂 

type or bookmark

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Dear vedantr68040072,


You should not breakdown Marketing Channel by Referring Domain. 

Assume if the visitors click on SMS link with Tracking Code starts with 'SMS' and land your website. Since because you have proper Marketing Channel Processing Rule, under Marketing Channel it will go under SMS.

But the referring domain was 'empty' here (Since it is from SMS and no referrer). So if you break the Marketing Channel by Referring Domain, it will be 'Typed/Bookmark'.

So, please use 'Marketing Channel Detail' to correlate.


There were plenty of discussion went on related to this topic and you can search for it inside the Forum. I would try to post a Blog on it.


Thank You!




You might be looking at visits metrics . For channel instances, use marketing channel instances metrics.