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Mobile SDK - implementation steps


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Can you please share the step by step implementation and usage of Mobile SDK.

(Screenshots/video of each step will be more useful)


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This is a pretty big open ended question, with many ways to proceed with an implementation. This will also change based on what language your app is coded in...


I get that this isn't exactly the ask... But this is probably the best place to start: https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/


In the meantime, you need to think about the implementation like this: 


TrackState is the equivalent of page views

TrackAction is the equivalent of clicks/special triggers


You also don't set most of your props, evars, etc directly.... Typically, you will have your developers set context variables... Depending on your comfort level with processing rules, you can have your developers set values that you will just set to assign directly to your dimensions... Or you can use these like a data layer that you can use processing rules to concatenate and process... This approach will also depend on whether or not you force updates on your apps.... IF you don't force updates, you need to decide how often things change and what will happen to your data if different versions of apps will sent differing values...


We don't force updates, so we treat context variables like a data layer, and I handle all the processing rule mapping.... But it can be more work to maintain.