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Is Low traffic grouping valid for ECIDs?


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By my understanding of Low Traffic grouping, it should not apply to ECID since ECIDs are most likely going to have single unique visitor each. Is Low traffic grouping valid for ECIDs?

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You cannot access the ECID value directly in Workspace... if you are storing your ECID in a custom prop or eVar it has the same low traffic thresholds as any other dimension.


You can make a request to increase the threshold for that dimension, they warn you that it might impact performance, but I had support increase several dimensions to a 2,000,000 threshold from the default 500,000 and haven't seen issues.... 


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As @Jennifer_Dungan, mentioned, you'll see Low Traffic with ECID eVars as with others.  I like her idea of increasing the limit, but with some clients I already experience some delays in Workspace.

Another option is to use ECID as a dimension in Data Warehouse.  However, when I tried this with ECID, I quickly hit a limit where the file was too big to email.  I ended up having to limit to small timeframes and subsets of visitors to get a file that would go through.

Luckily, CJA doesn't have the Low Traffic issue!  I'm starting to work in it some and thus far am really impressed with the speed! 


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To be fair, I think most of the Workspace delays are the JS code... not the limitations... Workspaces have always been a little slow, I didn't notice any additional slowness when I increased my limits....  


The other option, if you need full data, is to use Raw Data Exports... but you need a lot of processing and likely a DB to process the data.. or you can use the API in to pull in batches... 


So if your Data Warehouse export is too large (file size can be gotten around by using an FTP folder..) but you can easily exceed the max rows in Excel even if you get the files. For Excel and truncation, you can pull in the full set of data in groups which are small enough to pull into your tools... it's a little more effort, but we sometimes have to get creative.