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We have no transaction information as of 1:00 pm today


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Going through the dashboards a moment ago, we noticed that we have no data logged in any of our report suits as of 1:00pm today. Has the same happened to anyone? Do you know what it could be and what is the solution?

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Yes, I am seeing that too (around 3pm for me, but we are likely in different time zones, so it is likely the same relative time)


There is an open Experience Cloud issue about Data Latency.. this is the likely cause:



I suggest keeping tabs on this issue.. in all likelyhood, the data will backfill when the latency issue is resolved.. this is usually what happens.. In the 16 years I've been using this system, there has only been 1 issue where data was permanently lost (but it was disclosed as a major issue and it was reported that data was not being collected - the issue was resolved fairly quickly, but we did have to use some backup systems to fill in the gaps)...


This issue is labelled as "latency", so it should be fine....