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Does Adobe SDK get turned off in low power mode for iOS and Android devices


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Qq, does the Adobe SDK get turned off automatically in low power mode for iOS and Android devices?


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I am not sure... and I don't know if its documented anywhere... 


If I were to guess... I would expect this would be up to your own developers / implementation whether or not to disable it?


You might have to contact Client Care on this one to get a proper answer.


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To be honest, I would not see a reason why. A handful requests should not make a big difference battery-wise.

But yeah, please do check with the support and post the response here!


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Here is the response i got from Adobe Support:


If the app hosting Adobe SDKs is still functioning in low power mode on a device that tracking will continue to occur also, yes.

Low Power Mode automatically adjusts settings to use less power and extend battery life often impacting the following features:


1. Display: Lowers screen brightness and display refresh rate

2. Animations: Minimizes animations

3. Background apps: Prevents apps from using data in the background and reduces background app refresh

4. Other features: Pauses iCloud Photos sync, suspends automatic downloads, and pauses email fetch

In the event no connection is present, Adobe SDKs cache hits on the device itself until a network connection is reestablished at which time hits are forwarded to Adobe servers


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Thanks for sharing, more or less as expected. As long as the app is functioning, the SDK will continue as well