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Year on Year Change in Analysis Workspace


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Starting a new thread since the previous one here fizzled out.

Fellow Adobe users and adobe product team.  Here is a suggestion that stemmed from an embarrassing situation that cropped up today!  

For context - we have broad Adobe instrumentation in at Chegg - however we are still in the process of driving adoption of Analysis Workspace - since for so many things it is a really quick tool and avoid the need for complex data processes and things like Tableau dashboards - which end up being a source of technical debt.  My team have been working hard with business partners to move them over to a new Analysis Workspace report from a legacy Tableau report that runs off legacy web logs.  I cannot understate how the adoption of this report would have been a huge step forward as we try and drive deeper adoption of Adobe in my organization. 

So what happened?  Well unfortunately they were tripped up on a very minor detail - that seems like a huge gap in the Analysis Workspace tool and make me have serious doubts as to whether it is really a tool that other organizations are actually using for web analytics.  My team needed to include in the report a Year on Year comparison – so that they can show the %Year on Year change.  So, as an example, in the report below they would like to compare the values in the two columns and display it as a % change on the chart.


Sounds so simple – but they cannot do it and have told me that there is no known workaround.  We have since verified this with Adobe Analysis Workspace Engineering management who said " We disallow right-click > compare time period when the rows are time". 

The problem this causes is it creates the impression that we cannot use Adobe Analysis Workspace as a fully functioning tool – this undermines our effort to drive adoption – and I have already had senior execs stop me in the hallways saying “oh Matt – it turns out we cannot use Adobe since it does not do YoY reporting”.

Given the advanced features in Analysis Workspace I find it very surprising that this is not possible.   We are now faced with an ugly decision to use Excel Report Builder to get this and email out reports - or to use Tableau or Domo our BI tools.  This is like one step forward (adoption and trust of Adobe) only to take two steps back (to a world of Excel and BI tools that our partners cannot adjust).

For me this is a P0 issue affecting Adobe Adoption / Perception / NPS in my organization. 

Would love you to upvote this if you are also affected by this product gap.



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Yes we are also having the similar issue of not having the yoy% metric.it would be nice to have this applied day dimension asap..it makes things very easier 


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YoY comparison is a given in just about every other tool. It should be as easy for users as it is in Google Analytics. +10 if Adobe offers the ability to shift dates to align with day of week without needing to use a customization. It needs to be something easy like a checkbox you can select. It's disappointing that Analysis Workspace offers so many really advanced analysis options but then falls flat one such a basic thing as YoY comparisons.


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While waiting the backlog project good people of Adobe have added this short cut behind the right click: When you have a period of week defined you can find "This week last year to this date range" under "Add time period column".


It is not dynamic but at least enables you to do some quick ad hoc analysis.




Would anyone be open to having a conversation about the specifics of how they would like to see this work? We are revisiting this and I'd like to better understand how this would ideally work for you.